Farming Champions is looking to support farming families who wish to expand their businesses so we contacted Lisa to get some further insight into this initiative.

According to the Counts of Australian Businesses, Entries and Exits, 2019-20 there are 227,716 small businesses in WA as at 30 June 2020. This includes businesses that are non-employing (153,203) and businesses who employ fewer than 20 employees. In WA, 97% of all businesses are small.

Approximately 80% of small businesses are situated in the Perth metropolitan region. The ABS website has an interactive map which shows the breakdown of all businesses across the State. Population density is a major contributing factor to the proliferation of business activity in WA.

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) provides the Business Local service throughout regional WA. This service provides free access to business advisers to assist people to start and operate a business. Business operators and intenders can book individual appointments which can be provided face-to-face or via digital channels.

In addition, a range of business skills workshops are delivered to help people upskill or learn new business skills. This service has been provided in various formats for over 30 years and is fully subsidised by the State government. Agricultural businesses are encouraged to make use of this service.

In addition, the SBDC advisory services are available state-wide, including our dispute resolution service. This service has been able to assist with a number of farm debt mediations through our collaboration with the Rural Business Development Corporation. The SBDC works very closely with DPIRD’s local content officers and development commissions to advance initiatives aimed at supporting regional small businesses.

For more information go to Small Business Development Corporation

By Lisa Legena | Manager Business Advisory Services

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