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Newsletter Winter

Taking a Winter Break with Your Beekeeping Endeavours

June is typically the month beekeepers can finally take a well-deserved break and let their buzzing friends thrive in favourable conditions. During the Winter months, the bees are strategically placed in areas with warm temperatures, abundant nectar, and plentiful pollen supplies, ensuring their continued growth and happiness. With the bees happy, beekeepers shift their focus …

Lime tree with yellow limes
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Are yellow limes bad?

Limes in-store are always green, but the limes on my tree are turning yellow! No this doesn’t mean you’ve missed the prime time for enjoying your limes. Limes aren’t unripe lemons – they are two different fruits entirely. They can be substituted for each other in cooking due to their similar taste profiles. Lemons are …

News You Can Use Newsletter Winter

Comparing small business across WA

Farming Champions is looking to support farming families who wish to expand their businesses so we contacted Lisa to get some further insight into this initiative. According to the Counts of Australian Businesses, Entries and Exits, 2019-20 there are 227,716 small businesses in WA as at 30 June 2020. This includes businesses that are non-employing …

Newsletter Winter

So in Season

As part of our seasonal newsletter, our WA farmers will keep you in the loop for what’s in season this Winter to ensure you always know what to buy fresh. Banana Why not try a Carnarvon Sweeter Banana! Carnarvon Bananas take twice as long to grow as tropical bananas due to our sub-tropical climate, so …

Newsletter Recipe Winter

Recipe: Mondo Pesto

If you attended our 2021 event, you may have seen Vince Garreffa from Mondo Meats cook in the afternoon and share this recipe. Mondo Pesto Makes 4 Tubs at approx. 535g per tub Ingredients: 1kg Basil, fresh 100g Garlic, fresh 20g Salt 20g Black Pepper 600ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 400g Pine nuts 200g Parmesan …