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Why do we need Farming Champions in Australia and how does the future of farming in our country affect the wider community?

Australian farmers and pastoralists have stewardship of over 60% of our country. Yet only 2.2% of Australia’s population are employed in farming. They need everyone who eats to champion our family farmers.

We want to:

  • Create awareness of the importance of agriculture to all Australians
  • Redefining farming as an ‘essential service’ -‘without food we die!’
  • Raise awareness of the huge challenges farmers are facing and why many are exiting the industry
  • Encourage diversity in agriculture, value adding, agri-tourism and new regional and rural industries that can result in ‘more people on less land’ and richer communities.

We need you to become a Farming Champion, gathering your friends and colleagues to help create an avalanche of support and ensure the future of Australian farmers. Without you, farmers do not have the numbers!

As a Member, you are actively engaging with our cause and will be part of the advocacy platform where we need to elevate and positively reinforce our message to the importance of family farming. This of course includes our annual event ‘Farmer on Your Plate’. If you are willing to do more than simply subscribing, we have many other ways you can be involved. Check out the volunteer section under Get Involved for more ways you can help champion farming!

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