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Lime tree with yellow limes
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Are yellow limes bad?

Limes in-store are always green, but the limes on my tree are turning yellow! No this doesn’t mean you’ve missed the prime time for enjoying your limes. Limes aren’t unripe lemons – they are two different fruits entirely. They can be substituted for each other in cooking due to their similar taste profiles. Lemons are …

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Early Spring in Western Australia

By Denise Fernie – Slow Food Swan Valley Committee Member In Western Australia’s southwest, the Noongar Seasonal calendar has six seasons, which follow observations of the environment, for example, the weather, and what plants and animals are doing, rather than dates on a calendar. We are in the season of Djilba, which is known as …

Newsletter Recipe Spring

Recipe: Fava Bean Dip

By Denise Fernie Using our in-season homegrown broad beans we have enjoyed them in soups and stews, as well as fava bean dip. Ingredients 1½ cup dried broad beans (fava beans) bay leaf 1 or 2 garlic cloves 40g tahini 40g lemon juice 80g olive oil a pinch of chilli powder salt and pepper to …

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So in Season

As part of our seasonal newsletter, our WA farmers will keep you in the loop for what’s in season this Winter to ensure you always know what to buy fresh. Banana Why not try a Carnarvon Sweeter Banana! Carnarvon Bananas take twice as long to grow as tropical bananas due to our sub-tropical climate, so …