Our vision is to champion farming families and educate consumers about where their food comes from.

Our mission is to build consumer connection to farming families through education which will lead to a strong understanding of food origin.

Welcome to Farming Champions, a dynamic community-driven initiative that emerged from a deep concern for the challenges faced by Western Australian family farmers. The not-for-profit organisation is a voluntary group of city and country Western Australians who are passionate about raising awareness of the important role our family farmers play in producing the food on our plates. Our roots trace back to 2011 when the farming community was grappling with a crisis, and Margaret Sullivan from the Country Women’s Association (CWA) organised an ‘Alarming Farming’ day in Varley, a small town in the eastern Wheatbelt.

Among the distinguished speakers was Mary Nenke, a yabby farmer and the inaugural Western Australian RIRDC Rural Woman of the Year and Citizen of the Year 2007 for Regional Development. Mary, having been selected as a National Broadband Champion by the Federal Labor Government, recognised the crucial role of championing important farming issues. In her research, she uncovered a startling fact: over the course of a decade, 60% of grain farmers had left the industry, leaving behind empty houses and struggling communities.

Motivated by a passion for creating awareness about the indispensable role of family farmers, Mary, with the support of leading women in agriculture, founded Farming Champions. Mary Nenke was the Farming Champions inaugural chairwoman. In a matter of months, over two thousand people had joined the cause, and Nick Gale, a dedicated city-based IT professional, volunteered to establish a Facebook Group. Through this platform, the idea for ‘Farmer on Your Plate’ was conceived by Kim Tyrer from Galafrey Wines, and within five weeks, the first event came to life in 2012.

Since those early days, Farming Champions has evolved into a vibrant community of city and country residents dedicated to highlighting the significance of family farmers in nourishing our communities. ‘Farmer on Your Plate’ has become an annual celebration, growing each year as it brings together farmers, producers, and the wider community. Through an annual engaging event, we bridge the gap between urban and rural life, fostering understanding and appreciation for the hardworking individuals who cultivate the land and provide the food on our plates.

Each year a diverse range of WA Agriculture is on display together with Nigel’s farm animals for children to pet (sponsored by the RASWA). Farmers from across the state man their own stands and delight in sharing their knowledge and passion for the products that they produce.

To help in showcasing the produce each year some of WA’s best chefs volunteer to prepare premium produce for visitors to sample and enjoy providing an additional opportunity for city people to engage and learn about the food on their plate and how it is not only produced but best prepared. We are delighted to have sponsors of Buy West Eat Best, City of Perth, Royal Agricultural Society, Countrywide Insurance and Loose Leaf Lettuce Company. Along with previous and returning support from Bannister Downs Dairy, Berry Sweet, and Cornerstone Legal. Other Sponsors over the past several years have been RSM, Radio West, the CWA and Showcase Events.

The event has been very well supported by the media on radio, television and print media in both city and country. Throughout the day the MC interviews farmers, regional businesses, agricultural leaders and politicians to further help educate the general public.

We are currently planning for future events and encourage any suggestions to be emailed to info@farmingchamipons.org.au Join us on this journey of advocacy, connection, and celebration as we continue to champion the cause of our family farmers and promote a sustainable, thriving agricultural industry for generations to come.